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Security and Risk Online - Cyber Monday Shopping?

Security and Risk Online - Cyber Monday Shopping?

Cyber Monday shopping? How to spot SCAM websites and avoid being ripped off


But online shopping comes with risks, and recent research from comparethemarket.com has found cyber criminals are expected to pocked £8.6million from tomorrow’s spending bonanza alone.


The website’s spokesman Simon McCulloch said: “Cyber Monday is a major retail event and a salmon run for criminals who will try to seize money from unsuspecting shoppers and retail outlets.”


Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime, released figures showing Christmas shoppers were fleeced out of more than £10million in online scams last year.


Alex Neill from consumer body which? added: “If you see any deals advertised on Cyber Monday that look too good to be true, be careful. Fraudsters will do all they can to try and catch you out.”


But there are ways to protect yourself.


Firstly, double-check the domain name. Which? said: “A lot of fraudulent websites will use a domain name similar to a brand or product name. For example, website domains such as ipadoffers.net or discountnikeclothes.com should set alarm bells ringing.”


Be wary of domains which end in .net or .org, as they are rarely used for online shopping and may be misused by dodgy organisations.


Keep an eye out for poor spelling, grammar and English. Which? said: “This could mean the site isn’t genuine and has been put together by someone abroad looking to make a quick profit.”


Check what the shipping and returns policy is - if there isn’t one, proceed with caution.


When using a website, ensure the address beings “https”, and if you are unsure, check forums where other consumers alert people to scam pages.


Before purchasing, check the company’s social media feeds for recent activity and to see what other consumers have said about them.


Keep a close eye on your bank statement for unusual activity, as cyber criminals often make small but regular thefts which are harder to spot than large one-off amounts.

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Hawkfield Gallery Fine Arts Consultants Review the Visual Arts and Culture

The landscape of the art industry continually changes due to the rapid evolution of technology. Technological innovations have provided artists with new tools to express themselves and their ideas. Though the digital art was of great deal in this modern era, traditional art still remains vital to a society and to a country’s culture.


If you are an art lover and a collector visiting Massachusetts, you won't want to miss exploring Hawkfield Consultants Gallery which is located along Boston’s South Shore, midway between Cape Cod and Boston. The gallery is open for viewing by appointment and features an eclectic variety of American fine arts and folk arts from 20th and 21st century. Bronze sculptures, mini decorative carved decoys of birds and American impressionism are among the many amazing works displayed in Hawkfield artworks section.


You are welcome to visit and browse their online art catalogue which contains clear and realistic images of artworks available for sale. Art consultants of Hawkfield will gladly assist you throughout the whole process whether you are going to sell your artwork or buy one. Each of the artworks displayed on their site has corresponding prices and specifications. Hawkfield Gallery uses a sales comparison approach and considers recent auction results when determining the fair market value of an artwork.


The gallery is managed by Sally Caverly – an art lover, researcher and conservationist who spends more than two decades collecting impressive arts. She holds a B.A degree in Marketing and later on marched for a Master’s degree in Education. Moreover, Sally serves as a Market Research Division Director of a major publishing house.


Visit the About the Gallery page of the Hawkfield’s site to get an idea to the type of service the gallery provides as well as the artists they seek and represented.

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Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba Adds To The Fun Factor

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba Adds To The Fun Factor

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba Adds To The Fun Factor With New Family Activities

Jordan’s leading family resort, Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba, has enhanced its family offering further by creating several new activities for parents and children to enjoy together, including ‘Famolympics’, treasure hunts and private cooking classes with the resort’s chefs.

The resort’s 150-metre stretch of private beach is the location for the ‘Famolympics’, which tests a family’s teamwork, agility and coordination at five stations involving mind games, relays, swimming and sandcastle-making.  Treasure hunts make the most of the resort’s Red Sea beachfront location and see teams of parents and children work together to find hidden treasures. Both activities are available at the weekend.

For families who enjoy cooking together, the resort’s first-class kitchen is the perfect place to learn five-star culinary techniques. Supervised by professional chefs, the private midweek cooking classes give families hands-on cooking experience as they create one of three local Jordanian dishes: Maqloobah, Sayadieh and Mansaf, the country’s national dish.

“Family holidays are perfect for enjoying quality bonding time, while creating memories together to take back home,” says General Manager Beat Peter. “When introducing new initiatives, we focus on the dynamics of our guests, try to understand what they want and then work on something that fits with the resources and location that we have. Our beach and beautiful outdoor areas are definitely highlights, so activities that give our guests the opportunity to enjoy this are high on our agenda. We also want to be remembered for more than just our delicious food in the restaurants and the private cooking experience is a way to combine this with a cultural element. Only in making long-lasting moments can we set ourselves apart from others.”

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay Aqaba is the only property in the Kingdom to be included in TripAdvisor’s Top Hotels for Families in the Middle East.

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Mossack Fonseca: Presentación de la Revista Lex 2016

Mossack Fonseca: Presentación de la Revista Lex 2016

El pasado martes 1 de marzo, en el Colegio Nacional de Abogados de Panamá, se hizo la presentación oficial de la Revista Lex, en su edición 2016.

Por tercer año consecutivo, Mossack Fonseca es patrocinador de esta revista, que para este año incluye 12 artículos en materia de ética, derecho societario, inmobiliario, propiedad intelectual, arbitraje, penal y ambiental, entre otros, de la mano de destacados profesionales.

El evento contó con la participación de el Dr. Darío Sandoval – Shaik Presidente de la Comisión de Publicaciones Jurídicas del Colegio Nacional de Abogados, Licdo. Jose Alberto Álvarez -Presidente del Colegio Nacional de Abogados de Panamá y en representación de Mossack Fonseca el Licdo. Carlos Sousa – Gerente de Mercadeo y Ventas.

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Meir Ezra: Negative Emotions Make You Fail

Pete, the new Sales Manager of ABC Autos, was yelling at the salespeople to do better, but with no improvement. The company owner, Mr. Christopher, was getting desperate.


He sat down with the sales manager and said, "Pete, since you took over the Sales Department, our car sales have been going down. You've got to quit yelling at the salespeople. Our old sales manager never yelled. Please give it a try."


Pete said, "Where I come from, you have to yell at the sales people if you want to get sales. Fire me if you want, but I'm gonna yell."


Mr. Christopher said, "Okay, I don't care what you do, just get the sales numbers back up this week."


So Pete held a sales meeting and screamed, "IF YOU DON'T MAKE AT LEAST ONE SALE THIS WEEK, YOU ARE FIRED!"


The sales staff ran out and started calling people on the phone. They said things like, "You HAVE to call me back!" "I know it's been six months since you were here, but I need to see you." "Your old car is dangerous; you must come in NOW!"


A couple walked in to browse. Four salespeople charged at them. The couple jumped back, mumbled "No thanks" and headed for the door. Another salesperson was blocked the doorway and said, "Did you find what you were looking for?"


The couple fought their way out the door and the salespeople went back to their telephones.


Read more About Meir Ezra

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Meir Ezra: What Is More Important -The Source or The Data?

The Most Widely Known Teacher Whose Lessons Stand The Test of Time Was Crucified.


Some people feel threatened by successful people. I don’t know why. All people who have long term success are ethical, authentic and love teaching what they know. When I first heard Meir Ezra ask the question – What Is More Important -The Source or The Data? I had to think about that because I know I often accepted information based on who was delivering it. Meir taught me and many it is the data or the information that is what is important. Many time when we rely on the source we are misled because the data is false. A good example that many of us can relate to is the flow of slanted information from the main media channels. How many stories that are reported by mainstream media are totally refuted by the facts that you will find on niche journalist and social media sites.


What Does Meir Teach That Is So Valuable?


I have been at all of his seminars, most of his two day events plus I have personally studied a number of supporting courses. Keep in mind I felt I was already quite experienced and knowledgeable in business. Take a look to the archive section of this blog and see what I have been writing and this is just one of my blogs.


I have invested close to 1000 hours of additional training since the first of this year. What are the results? Let’s looks at what others say. The feedback I get from our coaching quality control function is that the clients I work with are amazed and very happy with the focus, direction and progress of how Meir and I are leading them. How that different from my life “Pre-Meir”? The difference is I am not just confident I know what I do will result in success for the people I work with because it is not just me it is me, Meir and the entire team focused on the results for our clients.


So What Do You Use That Meir Teaches That Is So Valuable


1. The org board and the principles of building an organization. Yes this is a different way of looking at a business and when viewed from this perspective you begin to see why organizations fail.

2. Everything is measurable that is being produced. Define the targets and the plan to achieve the target. Then define the mini plan targets, measure/graph the statistics showing the condition of the business and related actions.

3. Apply the success formula for the conditions.


Follow The Above and You Cannot Fail! That is right! It is not what I say or what Meir Ezra says, it is what the data says.

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TLS Group Madrid, Barcelona, London - Services


TLS Concept is our service of residential rental properties. By having a large database of tenants across Europe, we are constantly looking for homes that fit these demands. 


Is my property suitable for the service? 


If your property is located within the area shown in the picture, we will be happy to make our services available for you. We can offer you a guaranted rental plan to 5 years. 


What does basic Concept rent include? 


•    Announcement on real estate Portal 
•    Commercial opening hours 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including holidays 
•    Presentation at the IVIMA of bail deposits 
•    Network of own sales channels 
•    Assessment of market income 
•    Rental contract 
•    International presence


Optional services


•    Strengthening of operation, studies of indebtedness and financial solvency 
•    Debtors file search 
•    Arbitration agreement of lease